Inpatient treatment

HOSPITAL COMFORT BONUS insurance (private ward)

HOSPITAL COMFORT BONUS supplementary insurance offers you private hospital cover. You are free to choose your own doctor and hospital, and enjoy the highest levels of comfort in a one-bed room. What is more, you can take advantage of many worthwhile supplementary benefits on top of your basic insurance as well as exclusive services in our partner clinics. You are also granted a no-claims bonus if you do not claim any benefits within a certain period of time.

  1. What benefits are covered?
  2. For whom is this insurance recommended?
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  4. How you can save premiums
  5. What is the purpose of hospital insurance?


What benefits are covered?

Hospital stays in Switzerland
Private – anywhere in Switzerland

Hospital stays

You receive all the costs of a stay, care and treatment in a private ward (one-bed room).

Choice of hospital

You are free to choose the hospital you want anywhere in Switzerland.

Please note that some hospitals do not have a (recognised) private ward; in such cases, you may incur costs for which you alone will be responsible.

Further information

Choice of doctor

You have an unrestricted choice of doctor in any hospital in Switzerland. For example, you can even choose to be operated on by the head physician.

Hospital stays abroad

Emergency treatment abroad (inpatient)

In the event of emergency inpatient treatment abroad, you will receive all of the costs that exceed the cover provided by basic insurance for up to 60 days per calendar year, provided return transportation to Switzerland is not reasonable.

Planned treatment abroad (inpatient)

The Swiss Health Insurance Act applies as the basis for cost reimbursement.

You will receive CHF 1,500 a day for up to 60 days per calendar year for planned inpatient treatment abroad if you have obtained a confirmation of cost reimbursement from us in advance.

Balneotherapy and convalescent therapy
CHF 90 per day

Spa treatment

To find out which therapeutic spas are recognised by us, please contact your customer service team.

The duration of benefits for spa and convalescent therapies is 30 days in total.

You receive CHF 90 per day for up to 30 days per calendar year for spa therapies at recognised therapeutic spas in Switzerland.


  • The spa treatment is medically certified as necessary.
  • The spa treatment has been prescribed by a doctor.
  • The spa treatment is carried out at a therapeutic spa recognised by us.

Convalescent therapy

To find out which therapeutic spas are recognised by us, please contact your customer service team.

The duration of benefits for spa and convalescent therapies is 30 days in total.

You receive CHF 90 per day for up to 30 days per calendar year for convalescent therapies in Switzerland.


  • The convalescent therapy has been prescribed by a doctor.
  • The convalescent therapy is carried out at a therapeutic spa recognised by us.

Household help
CHF 90 per day

Following an acute inpatient hospital stay, you will receive CHF 90 per day for up to 30 days per calendar year for medically prescribed household help.

Intensive and transitional care
CHF 180 per day

You will receive CHF 180 per day for up to 14 days per calendar year for the costs of boarding (room and board) in a nursing home during inpatient acute and transitional care.


  • Acute or transitional care has been prescribed by a doctor.
  • Your acute or transitional care immediately follows a hospital stay.
Expert second opinion

The expert second opinion works along the lines of the "two heads are better than one" principle. Leading specialists in Switzerland will review an existing diagnosis or a therapy that has been prescribed for you. In the event of severe illness or injury, this can help you come to a decision on the best course of therapy for you.

Expert second opinion in the event of illness

Where necessary, you receive direct access to distinguished professors and specialists at our partner clinics to obtain an expert second opinion.

Expert second opinion after an accident

If accident cover is included in your policy, you can also request the advice of leading accident surgeons at the Zurich University Hospital and, if necessary, receive treatment from them.

Fast Track

You benefit from swift access to the medical services provided by our specialist partner clinics: With Fast Track, you can obtain appointments with specialists and consultants, as well as for special consultations, within just five working days.


For whom is this insurance recommended?

  • People over 50 who want the greatest possible comfort and freedom of choice during their stays in hospital.
  • People over 50 who would like to get an appointment with a specialist faster or a second opinion from a respected medical professor.


Good to know

Who can take out this policy?

This BONUS variant of supplementary insurance for stays in private wards is designed for people over 50. If you are younger, but still want to enjoy the comfort of a private ward, we recommend you apply for HOSPITAL COMFORT supplementary insurance.

You can take out this policy if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are officially resident in Switzerland.
  • Your are aged between 50 and 70 when you take out the insurance.
  • We accept your application. For the purposes of risk assessment, we require you to fill in a health declaration.
How does the no-claims bonus system work?
  • Your basic premium is fixed on 1 January of each insurance year.
  • An observation period lasts from 1 July to 30 June. If you do not claim any benefits in two consecutive observation periods, your premium will be reduced as of 1 January of the third year in accordance with the bonus table below.
  • If you claim benefits during an observation period, your premium will be increased up to the level of the original premium as of 1 January of the following year.
  • You can regain your bonus by repaying any benefits you received in the preceding observation period by 30 September.

Insurance period Bonus in % of original premium Bonus level
1st year: basic level 0 % 4
2nd year: one claim-free observation period 0 % 3
3rd year: two claim-free observation periods 10 % 2
4th year: three claim-free observation periods 15 % 1
as from 5th year: four or more claim-free observation periods 20 % 0

How long does the policy run?

You can also take out a multi-year policy for three or five years. That way, you benefit from a premium rebate and other notice periods apply.

  • The minimum term is one year.
  • The contract is automatically renewed each year on the expiry date for a further year.
  • You can terminate the policy on 31 December each year. There is a notice period of three months.
  • If the premium is adjusted, a shortened notice period of one month applies.
Is there a waiting period?

The waiting period is the period between the date on which the insurance cover under your policy begins and the date on which you can claim benefits.

  • With this insurance, a waiting period of 365 days applies in cases of pregnancy. That means you cannot claim benefits before the end of the first insurance year. During the first insurance year, any pregnancy-related stays in hospital – for example for childbirth or rooming in – are covered only by your basic insurance. The latter covers the costs of a stay in a general ward (multi-bed room) and medical treatment in accordance with the standard rate in your canton of residence.
  • By contrast, you are covered from the start of insurance for benefits paid as a result of illness or accident.


How you can save premiums

Choice of hospital deductibles (co-payment)
Minimum 15% discount

You can take out this hospital insurance policy with a higher deductible (annual contribution that you pay towards the costs incurred). By doing this, you take on more responsibility and significantly reduce your premiums:

Optional hospital deductible Saving
CHF 1000.– 15% discount
CHF 2000.– 20% discount
CHF 3000.– 25% discount
CHF 5000.– 30% discount
CHF 7000.– 35% discount

Accident cover excluded
10 % discount

The accident cover in our supplementary insurance complements certain benefits that are not covered, or are only insufficiently covered, by your employer's compulsory accident insurance (or compulsory basic insurance if you are employed by an employer for fewer than eight hours a week).

That means you can exclude the accident cover from voluntary supplementary insurance if you have equivalent private accident insurance or are well covered by your employer's accident insurance – for example, for a private or semi-private ward instead of the compulsory general ward in the hospital. This reduces the premium for your supplementary insurance by 10%.

If you are not sure which benefits your accident insurance covers, please contact your employer to ask before excluding accident cover from your supplementary insurance.

Multi-year policies
Minimum 3% discount

The longer the term of the contract you select, the more discount you receive:

Term of the contract Saving
Five years, 3 months notice period (standard) 5% discount
Three years, 3 months notice period (standard) 3% discount
One year, 3 months notice period (standard) No discount

Please note that it is not possible to have contracts with different terms, so you have to take out all supplementary insurance policies over the same term.

Family discount
Minimum 5 % discount

Currently, you get the following family discounts on supplementary insurance from the Helsana Group:

  • 5% discount if there are two people in the same household
  • 10% discount if there are three or more people in the same household

Details on family discount


What is the purpose of hospital insurance?

Hospital insurance allows you to enhance your basic hospital insurance cover for inpatient treatment with benefits of your choice.

Basic insurance covers only the cost of accommodation and medical treatment in a general ward (multi-bed room) in line with the rates in your canton of residence. You have to pay for anything in excess of that yourself, e.g. additional benefits for greater comfort, care or free choice of doctor/hospital – precisely the things that can make a stay in hospital considerably more pleasant.

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