PREVEA Capital Insurance

Flexible PREVEA Capital Insurance protects you and your loved ones from the financial consequences of disability or death caused by an illness or accident. So that personal suffering isn’t compounded by financial worries.

You decide how to spend the lump-sum benefit. For example, you can use it to pay for alterations to your home or flat, professional integration measures or supportive family care.

What benefits are covered?

Death or disability following an illness
Sum insured
  • In the event of disability, you receive the sum insured as soon as you have the confirmation of pension entitlement from the Federal Disability Insurance.
  • In the event of death, your beneficiaries or surviving relatives receive the sum insured.
Death or disability following an accident
Sum insured
  • In the event of disability, you receive the sum insured based on your physical limitations, irrespective of how the injury affects your working life. In other words, your benefits depend on the medically recognised disability.
  • From the age of 70, you receive the lump sum in the form of a pension, with a maximum limit on the total sum of CHF 100,000 (higher sums insured are reduced accordingly upon reaching the age of 70).
  • In the event of death, your beneficiaries or surviving relatives receive the sum insured.
  • In addition, you receive benefits for property damage, medical aids, rescue, recovery, travel and transport costs, home nursing care and transport of human remains and burial costs.

Good to know

Why do I need capital insurance?

Accidents and illnesses resulting in disability or death often give rise to high costs. Social insurance provides children, young people and persons running a household with little or no protection against the financial consequences of disability. Uncovered costs can also arise in the event of death, however.


  • Disability in children following an illness or accident is especially tragic and has serious repercussions. The minimal benefits offered by disability insurance are generally not enough to bear the financial consequences.

Young people

  • Disability can destroy future plans. Professional training or studies suddenly become a distant prospect, and life has to be reassessed.


  • Persons running a household are often not adequately protected against the financial consequences of disability. After a serious illness or accident, disability can have unforeseen consequences for households and families, for example in terms of childcare.
  • Capital insurance is also a simple and inexpensive way for employees or self-employed persons to plug existing gaps in their cover.

The generous lump-sum benefit provided by flexible PREVEA Capital Insurance helps mitigate the financial consequences and improve the future prospects of those affected and their families.

What are the advantages of PREVEA Capital Insurance?
  • The generous lump-sum benefit eases the burden on you and your family in the event of disability or death.
  • You can choose between various sums insured for disability and death, rising in increments of CHF 10,000.
  • The lump-sum benefit is paid out regardless of any other insurance cover you may have.
  • You pay attractive monthly premiums rather than high annual premiums.
  • You make no long-term commitment and can cancel the insurance at any time and with no financial penalties.
Who can take out this insurance?

You can take out this insurance if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have your official place of residence in Switzerland.
  • You are under the age of 55 (PREVEA Illness) or under the age of 70 (PREVEA Accident) when you take out the policy.
  • We accept your application. For the purposes of risk assessment, we require you to fill in a health declaration.
How and when can I terminate the insurance?
  • This policy has no minimum term. You can cancel it at any time effective as of the end of a month, subject to a three-month notice period.
  • If the premium is adjusted you can cancel the policy as of 31 December. A shortened notice period of one month applies in such cases.
  • PREVEA Illness ceases automatically on 31 December after your 59th birthday.

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Is there a waiting period?

The waiting period is the period between the date on which the insurance cover under your policy begins and the date from which you can claim benefits.

  • This policy does not have a waiting period, so you are eligible for benefits as soon as it starts.