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Guest insurance

If your guests from abroad fall ill or have an accident during their stay in Switzerland, this may constitute a sensitive financial burden. Guest insurance can provide both you and your visitors with financial peace of mind, so that your guests can look forward to a worry-free trip to Switzerland.

  1. What benefits are covered?
  2. For whom is this insurance recommended?
  3. Good to know
  4. Why take out guest insurance?


What benefits are covered?

According to detailed descriptions

Covering hospitalisation, doctor and drug costs

Should your guest fall ill or have an accident, we will reimburse you – up to the insured sum you select – for the cost of drugs, visits to doctors and stays on the general ward of a hospital, as well as for emergency transportation with a medical escort to the guest's place of residence abroad and/or, in the case of death, return of the body to the guest's last place of residence.

Transportation and recovery costs

The cover includes the costs of emergency transportation to hospital and of search and rescue operations (up to max. 10% of the selected insured sum).


For whom is this insurance recommended?

  • Guests on a temporary visit to Switzerland travelling on a Schengen Visa.


Good to know

Who can take out this insurance?

You can take out this insurance for your guests if they meet the following conditions:

  • Your guests live abroad (official place of residence).
  • Your guests are under the age of 80 when they take out the policy.
For how long does the policy run?
  • Cover is granted for the term set out in the insurance policy (max. 6 months per stay).
Is there a waiting period?

The waiting period is the period between the date on which the insurance cover under your policy begins and the date from which you can claim benefits.

  • This policy does not have a waiting period, meaning that your guests can claim benefits right from the start of insurance.


Why take out guest insurance?

If you are expecting a visit from friends or relatives from abroad, you want to do everything you can to make sure your guests feel comfortable in Switzerland.

This also means being prepared for unexpected events. If a guest falls ill or has an accident while visiting you in Switzerland, this may constitute a sensitive financial burden. Guest insurance provides your visitors with comprehensive cover in the event of illness or an accident.

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