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CASA household daily allowance insurance

If you run a household and are unable to carry out your work following an accident or illness, unlike employees you have no statutory protection against the financial consequences. You must still manage your household, however, and continue to look after your children. CASA daily allowance insurance covers the additional expenditure incurred in the event of incapacity to work. This may include household help, external childcare or taxi journeys to the doctor’s.

Summary of the benefits:

  • Financial security for housewives/househusbands in the event of accident, illness or maternity.
  • The daily allowance payments fund the additional household and family expenditure incurred if the person running the household is unable to work.
  • You can choose between various different daily allowance amounts (from CHF 10 to CHF 100 per day, up to CHF 3,000 per month) and waiting periods – depending on your needs and your budget.
  • Your entitlement to daily allowance payments begins from a degree of incapacity to work of just 50%.

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