Overview of insurance products

Renewed right for cross-border commuters to choose an insurance

On 10 March 2015, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court ruled that certain cross-border commuters are once again entitled to join the obligatory health insurance system in Switzerland (on the basis of the Health Insurance Act).

Persons affected

The renewed right to choose an insurance applies exclusively to:

  • Cross-border commuters with EU/EFTA citizenship, who were tacitly exempted from an obligation to take out health insurance (in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft),

    or have not yet legally exercised their right of option (right to choose an insurance). You can find out about this from the cantonal insurance authorities in the canton where your employer is located.

  • Cross-border commuters with Swiss citizenship, if the canton where their employer is located has until now been unaware of their cross-border status. This means that these people have not been registered as cross-border commuters in any canton.

Cross-border commuters with citizenship of countries other than those mentioned are not affected, as they are not, and never have been, subject to obligatory health insurance in Switzerland.

Retired persons resident in an EU or EFTA country in receipt of Swiss pensions are likewise not affected, as their right to obligatory health insurance is determined by the Health Insurance Act collective institution and not by the cantons (no tacit exemption is possible).

Getting confirmation of the right of option

For us to enrol you into the obligatory health insurance scheme, we need official confirmation from the cantonal office responsible (in your employer's canton) that you have not yet legally exercised your right of option. This is because, if you have previously obtained exemption from obligatory health insurance in Switzerland, you unfortunately now have no renewed right to choose an insurance.

Special regulations applying to employment in the canton of Basel-Landschaft

If you meet the following conditions, you can apply directly to us to be accepted – no prior confirmation of a right of option is necessary:

  • You are resident in France.
  • You currently work in the canton of Basel-Landschaft.
  • You started your employment in Switzerland as a cross-border commuter before 1 January 2013.

Important: This special arrangement applies only until 31 August 2015 (start of insurance on 1 July 2015 at the latest). You should therefore take this opportunity and act quickly.

How to get an insurance quotation from the Helsana Group

We would be happy to prepare a personal insurance quotation for obligatory health insurance:

  • By email: Let us know your preferences, your first name, surname, postal address and date of birth, together with the name and address of your employer, sending them to us at sales.helsana@helsana.ch.
  • By telephone: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., on +41 58 340 91 44.
  • Get a quotation online.

How to take out an insurance policy with us

Please sign the quotation, complete the form with your personal details and return these together with the following documents to the address on the quotation:

  • Option right statement of your employer's canton (except canton of Basel-Landschaft: see above).
  • Copy of your 'G' permit (Swiss citizens: send us instead of this your residence certificate; if you are resident in France, a current electricity, water or telephone bill).
  • Copy of your contract of employment or a current employer confirmation with employment start date indicated.
  • Confirmation of leaving the health insurance scheme in your country of residence, of which you have been a member until now (check in advance whether the scheme actually does allow you to leave it).