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With BASIS insurance, you take out legally required health insurance for cross-border commuters and pensioners and benefit from our optimal insurance cover at a low price. Please note that a statutory deadline of three months applies for registration. The insurance cover commences retroactively from the start of employment or the start of pension payment.

Where should I insure my family members?
If you are employed or receive a pension in Switzerland, your non-employed family members must also have compulsory insurance. This applies to minors, adults in education (under 25) and non-employed spouses.

How can I benefit from the right to free choice of treatment?

Depending on your circumstances, you can decide whether you prefer to receive treatment in Switzerland or in the country where you live.

Useful information for treatment in Switzerland

For outpatient treatment, you have the option of consulting a doctor of your choice or a hospital from our list (PDF, 1MB) . When claiming benefits under compulsory health insurance, you pay a fixed annual deductible of CHF 300, and then a 10% excess per invoice (up to CHF 700 per year). Please present your Helsana insurance card in each case.

For inpatient treatment in a hospital, you are insured up to a maximum of the tariff in the canton where you work (according to the cantonal hospital list). In the case of pensioners and their family members, inpatient treatment in hospital is insured up to a maximum of the tariff in the canton of Berne. We recommend that you always clarify the payment of costs with Helsana in advance.

Useful information for treatment in your country of residence

Helsana will send you an appropriate e-form or the S1 certificate for international benefits assistance (this form will be sent to you automatically after you take out the insurance). You forward these documents to a statutory insurer in the country where you live and you then receive a local insurance card to cover the costs of treatment in your country of residence, which you must present before treatment. Please note that you may only seek treatment from doctors and hospitals that accept this card. The advantage for you is that you do not have to pay any costs in advance. You will only be charged the excess according to the foreign legislation. The co-payment of medical costs is always governed by the rules of the statutory health insurance scheme in your country of residence. We cannot refund treatments that you pay for yourself.

What is the right to choose insurance?

Under the bilateral agreements with the EU/EFTA states, individuals who obtain cross-border commuter status in Switzerland must be insured in Switzerland ("place of employment" principle). However, cross-border commuters from Austria, Germany, France and Italy are free to choose where to take out their health insurance. This gives you the option of claiming exemption from the health insurance obligation in Switzerland within three months of starting work if you would like to remain insured in your country of residence. The exception is the Principality of Liechtenstein, where insurance in the country of residence is compulsory ("country of residence" principle). Exemption from compulsory insurance must be applied for via the official cantonal authority. You need confirmation of this to terminate your Swiss insurance.

Anyone who receives a pension from Switzerland (AHV, IV, UV, BV) and moves their residence to an EU/EFTA country is also subject to the insurance obligation in Switzerland. However, if you move to Austria, Germany, Finland (family members only), France, Italy, Portugal or Spain, you have the option of being exempted from compulsory insurance within the first three months of moving. If you receive multiple pensions from different countries, please contact us. An exemption from compulsory insurance must be requested via the Gemeinsame Einrichtung KVG. You need confirmation of this to terminate your Swiss insurance.

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