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You can enjoy first-class, Swiss-quality insurance cover with Switzerland's leading health insurer – at attractive prices.

You enjoy the freedom of choosing where to be treated:

  • If you choose Switzerland, then the corresponding legislation, benefits catalogue and cost contributions apply.
  • If you opt to be treated in your country of residence, that country's legal guidelines shall apply (in Italy: in accordance with the legislation of the Servizio Sanitario Regionale ASL).
And you save a lot of money: Due to a change in the Italian Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN) as of 2014, Swiss insurance for cross-border commuters has become more attractive since the global premium levied in Italy via the SSN is 7.5% of total income.

You can receive expert advice and find out more in person at one of our cross-border commuters agencies or over the phone on +41 58 340 91 44.

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Good to know

In certain situations, cross-border commuters who are already insured in Italy or Austria are once again able to join the obligatory health insurance system in Switzerland.

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