Overview of insurance products

The conditions

  • Employment in Switzerland only
  • Employment in multiple countries
  • Family members
  • Deadlines

Employment in Switzerland only link to above

If employed in Switzerland only, cross-border commuters and their non-employed family members are obliged to take out health insurance in Switzerland.

Family members include spouses and children up to their 18th birthday as well as children up to the age of 25 that are still in education.

Upon request, cross-border commuters who live in Germany can be released from the obligation to take out health insurance in Switzerland if they can prove that they are sufficiently insured for healthcare costs that may arise in their home country and in Switzerland. This request must be made within three months of the date on which the cross-border commuter permit becomes valid. The choice cannot be reversed. If you are unsure and would like a consultation, you can contact our specialists (+41 844 46 84 47).

Employment in multiple countries

Are you employed in more than one country? Contact our Customer Service International on +41 844 46 84 47 for a consultation.

Family members

All non-employed family members can choose together whether they wish to be released from the obligation to have health insurance in Switzerland provided neither parent is employed in the country of residence, i.e. Germany.

This means that your family members can choose in which country they wish to be jointly insured: either in the country of residence by the previous health insurer or in Switzerland by the same insurance company as the cross-border commuter.

If one of the children's parents is employed, unemployed or drawing a pension in the country of residence, the children must be insured together with this parent in the country of residence.


Insurance cover begins the moment you commence employment in Switzerland, provided registration takes place within the deadline prescribed by law of three months from the date on which you commence employment.

If you are late registering, contact our specialists at the Customer Service International on +41 844 46 84 47. They can assist and advise you.