Details on the switch from HOSPITAL COMFORT CLASSICA to HOSPITAL Private

The HOSPITAL COMFORT CLASSICA supplementary hospital insurance policy has been classified as a closed portfolio since 1 January 2018. For this reason, all insured persons have the option to voluntarily switch to the HOSPITAL Private supplementary hospital insurance policy without a medical examination.

In principle, you can switch to HOSPITAL Private at any time as of the first of the following month. You can, of course, keep your HOSPITAL COMFORT CLASSICA supplementary hospital insurance policy and profit from all existing product benefits. However, the premiums in a closed portfolio can increase more significantly over the long term than for a supplementary hospital insurance policy with an open portfolio.

Product comparison

Please note the comparison of benefit components between HOSPITAL COMFORT CLASSICA and HOSPITAL Private:

Product comparison

Contribution from old age provisions:

If you switch to HOSPITAL Private, we will deduct old age provisions from the premium for the product HOSPITAL COMFORT CLASSICA. The precise amount of this deduction will be indicated on your insurance policy.

In your current product, HOSPITAL COMFORT CLASSICA, old age provisions accrue which are then used to pay for benefits received in old age. The product therefore does not have age-based premiums.

The new product HOSPITAL Private, on the other hand, has risk-based and age-based premiums. They do not need any old age provisions as a result. Since premium development is directly linked to the benefits, the premiums follow a steeper age-based curve.