FAQs on the Helsana Primeclub

Answers to frequently asked questions on the Helsana Primeclub: this is how you can benefit from special discounts on events and products, special offers and lots more.

  1. What is Primeclub?
  2. How do I become a member?
  3. How do I find out about the latest offers?
  4. How do I benefit from an offer?
  5. How are the offers funded?

What is Primeclub?

Primeclub is a client club for Helsana Group clients. Clients insured with the Helsana Group automatically become members of the Primeclub and benefit from free added value. Primeclub members benefit from discounts and many more offers relating to family and leisure, sports and fitness, health care and prevention. All our clients can benefit from these offers, irrespective of whether they have a basic insurance policy or a supplementary insurance policy.


How do I become a member?

You automatically become a Primeclub member free of charge if you're insured with the Helsana Group. You can benefit from all the attractive offers at any time and with no obligation.


How do I find out about the latest offers?

The Helsana Primeclub Newsletter is sent out every two months. You will need to tell us your email address to receive your Newsletter.


How do I benefit from an offer?

If you stand to benefit from an offer please refer to the description in the offer. We hope you have fun with Primeclub's great range of offers!


How are the offers funded?

Primeclub offers are put up and funded exclusively by the relevant collaboration partners. There are no additional costs for the Helsana Group; no premium payments are used for the offers.