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Zuwanderer Erwachsene

Would you like additional protection wherever you are in life? As one of Switzerland's leading health insurers, our supplementary insurance is an extension of your basic insurance cover that is tailored to your needs and budget.

Supplementary outpatient benefits

Compulsory basic insurance covers your basic needs. With COMPLETA supplementary insurance, you close important insurance gaps and ensure that you have optimal all-round protection. This includes:

  • 75% of costs covered for complementary medical treatment and remedies provided by recognised therapists. Plus free personal and professional specialist advice by phone.
  • Emergencies abroad: full cost reimbursement for emergency treatments not covered by basic insurance.
  • Cost reduction for health-promoting measures, such as gym memberships and fitness courses: 75% of costs covered at recognised providers, up to a maximum of CHF 200 per calendar year.

Legal expenses cover

Would you like to have cover for legal matters wherever you are? With our Helsana Advocare EXTRA legal expenses insurance, you benefit from worldwide legal advice and representation in three key legal areas at once:

  • Internet legal expenses cover: in the event of contractual disputes, if you are the victim of phishing, hacking and cyberbullying, or in case of copyright infringements. Compensation in the event of non-delivery or delivery of the wrong items in relation to orders and shipments.
  • Civil legal expenses cover: contractual disputes, e.g. in relation to purchase agreements or travel reservations. Disputes with employers, landlords or neighbours.
  • Motorists' legal expenses cover: enforcement of claims in respect of damage to cars, bicycles, mopeds, etc., the provision of defence in criminal proceedings, disputes arising from purchases, leasing, rentals or repairs.

Supplementary inpatient benefits

Would you like to decide where you are treated? With HOSPITAL ECO supplementary insurance, you get to decide in which Swiss hospital's general ward you wish to be treated – and on favourable terms. What's more:

  • For hospital stays abroad, whether emergencies or planned, we will cover the hospital costs (up to CHF 500 per day for up to 60 days per calendar year).
  • For inpatient balneotherapy in Switzerland, we will pay CHF 30 of the costs per day (for up to 30 days per calendar year).
  • For inpatient care in a nursing home, whether acute or longer term, we will pay CHF 90 of the costs of accommodation and meals per day (for up to 14 days per calendar year).

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