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Staying healthy


Physical activity has a positive effect on your life, irrespective of your age. Even small changes to your daily routine can be effective. Preventive measures like getting enough exercise help you to stay healthy. Check-ups help you to identify possible risk factors at an early stage and take action in good time. You can also protect yourself against illnesses by getting vaccinated. Helsana will help you with this.

Keep moving
More exercise in your daily routine

It doesn’t take much effort to introduce more exercise to your daily routine. Take the stairs rather than the lift. Perhaps you can also walk or cycle part of the way to work. There are many possibilities – give them a go. Because physically active people are fitter. And they have a reduced risk of contracting illnesses like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Start exercising today. Just make sure you start with small steps.
We will help you by providing tips on how to make doing more exercise soon become a habit

Make use of our Helsana Trails

Jog, walk or gently stroll along the more than 360 running routes. We offer you the opportunity to work out in over 120 locations throughout Switzerland. And you can do so around the clock. There is a trail to suit everyone’s needs, from beginners to professional runners. Gently stroll in the fresh air, jog through the forest or walk along the banks of the river. The trail managers regularly maintain the running trails so that you can work out all year round. Look for a trail near you now. Thanks to the free app, you will find the most direct route to the closest trail even when you are out and about.
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Recognised fitness centres and course leaders

The Helsana Group promotes fitness training amongst its customers in recognised fitness centres by making a contribution of CHF 200 per calendar year under the SANA and COMPLETA supplementary health insurance policies. This also applies to approved fitness courses.
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Preventive check-ups
Different types of prevention

Preventive measures are aimed at preventing health problems. There are different levels: primary prevention means measures such as health education, hygiene and vaccinations. The aim of secondary prevention is to identify illnesses at an early stage. This includes prevention of cardiovascular disease, mammography screening or a colonoscopy. The aim of tertiary prevention is to prevent illnesses from deteriorating or the patient from relapsing.
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Early detection of illnesses

The aim of check-ups is to detect illnesses at an early stage before the occurrence of any symptoms or discomfort. In the case of existing risk factors, it can be a particularly good idea to have regular check¬ups. If, for example, high blood pressure is detected in good time, long-term effects on the cardiovascular system can be prevented. We also recommend check-ups in order to identify risk factors associated with damage to the heart and vessels. Or for the early detection of various cancers like skin or breast cancer. Ask your doctor what type of check¬up makes the most sense in your case.

Contributions to check-ups

Basic insurance covers benefits for examinations for the early detection of illnesses. SANA or COMPLETA supplementary insurance covers contributions towards cardiovascular check-ups, ultrasound examinations, examinations for the early detection of cancer and giving up smoking. The Primeo supplementary insurance policy offers three check-up programmes aimed at preventing illnesses.

Please note: not all check-ups are paid for under the terms of your basic or supplementary insurance policy. For detailed information on what is covered, please contact our Client Services team on 0844 80 81 82.
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Vaccinations as a precautionary measure
Protection provided by vaccinations

Vaccinations can prevent serious illnesses. Vaccinations enable the immune system to react to a specific pathogen to prevent the corresponding illnesses from breaking out entirely or to ensure that they only erupt as mild cases. You can have your child vaccinated to protect them against child illnesses like tetanus or polio, for example. The tick vaccine is one of the vaccinations recommended for people of all ages.
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Impfungen Baby Baby vaccination

«Should I have my baby vaccinated against diseases? You hear and read so much about it. Some are for, others against it. They say vaccines are not completely without risk.»

Impfungen und Vorbeugungen Getting vaccinated before travelling abroad

«I'm wondering whether I should get vaccinated before I travel abroad. Also, I've heard that vaccinations are obligatory for entering certain countries.»

Contributions towards vaccinations

Basic insurance covers vaccinations prescribed by a doctor that are included in the specialities list. We also pay for benefits from the SANA and COMPLETA supplementary insurance policies if the vaccine is authorised by the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products. Should you have any questions, please contact us or seek advice from your family doctor.
An overview of our benefits