Retirement and later life

You made it – congratulations on your retirement! Now you have more time for yourself and your hobbies. However, you may also be concerned about ageing and what it entails.

Insurance benefits

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Benefits covered by the insurance

Agreed daily allowances

Where the need for care is proven, you will receive up to the insured daily allowance to meet those costs not covered by basic health insurance for a medically prescribed household help or for the cost of accommodation and meals in a nursing home as soon as the waiting period expires.


  • You receive healthcare benefits from the basic health insurance of more than an average 60 minutes per day.
  • You receive healthcare benefits (inpatient and outpatient including household help) from a service provider recognised under the Health Insurance Act (KVG).
  • You receive your inpatient treatment in a recognised facility (e.g. care home) in Switzerland.
  • You can produce clear evidence of the uncovered costs for household help or accommodation and meals in a nursing home.

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