Retirement and later life

You made it – congratulations on your retirement! Now you have more time for yourself and your hobbies. However, you may also be concerned about ageing and what it entails.

Insurance benefits

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Benefits covered by the insurance

Basic insurance
Free choice of doctor in canton of residence.

If you have selected an alternative insurance model, the following applies instead:

  • BeneFit PLUS Family Doctor option: You always contact your selected family doctor (or group practice). If necessary, your family doctor or group practice will refer you to a specialist or hospital.
  • BeneFit PLUS Telemedicine option: You always contact the doctors of the Centre for Telemedicine. If necessary, the doctor will refer you to a doctor, specialist or hospital for a physical consultation.
  • PREMED-24: You always contact by telephone first to receive non-binding health advice. If necessary, you can then consult a doctor of your choice in your canton of residence.

You can freely choose a doctor to treat you within your canton of residence from case to case and consult him or her directly, if necessary.

Free choice of doctor at recognised institutions

If you have selected an alternative insurance model, please note the following:

  • BeneFit PLUS Family Doctor option: Please contact your family doctor or group practice first.
  • BeneFit PLUS Telemedicine option: Please contact the Centre for Telemedicine first.
  • PREMED-24: Please contact the medical advice service first.

You have an unrestricted choice of doctor in the hospital for outpatient procedures or operations (e.g. eye cataract, bunion, tendonitis, tennis elbow, knee arthroscopy, etc.) or for an outpatient birth. For example, you can even choose to be operated on by the head physician.


  • The outpatient surgery is performed at an institution recognised by us.
  • The selected doctor is on the list of specialists (senior physician, head physician, professor) at the hospital in question.

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