Travel preparations

Confirmation of insurance for travelling abroad

«I'm travelling to a country for which a visa is required and when I was applying for it I realised that I need confirmation of insurance. What's the quickest way to get this confirmation of insurance?»

As a Swiss citizen, you have virtually unlimited freedom of movement in Europe and, in particular, in the Schengen area. If you are travelling to North or South America, Australia or South Africa, all you need is travel authorisation available upon application, for example ESTA for the USA. If you travel to other countries, you will be given a tourist visa, the "visa on arrival", which enables you to enter the country without any problems.

However, you have decided to visit a country for which a visa is required. Perhaps you fancy sauntering across Red Square in Moscow or enjoying the famous hospitality of the Cubans in Havanna. You might want to dine at the top of the Al Fasaliyah Center in Riad or look for Indian tigers in a game reserve after visiting the Taj Mahal.

Lengthy processing time for visa applications

Before your travel dreams become reality, you have to apply for a visa from the embassy of your country of destination. It may take some time, as the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly. Depending on the country, you may have to reckon with a processing period of several weeks or even months.

The confirmation of your insurance protection abroad required in the visa application is no problem. You can obtain this from Helsana at short notice.

Premium statements

Please pay any unpaid premiums before you travel. You can then be sure that you can rely on your insurance protection if the worst comes to the worst without any administrative bother.

What can Helsana do for you?

Helsana is happy to provide you with the confirmation of insurance abroad at short notice. Just contact Client Services International on +41 844 46 84 47. The confirmation of insurance protection is valid for up to 12 months.