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Holiday abroad – how to protect yourself


Travelling abroad is not only relaxing, it also enables you to see the world from a different perspective. No matter whether it’s a holiday, a language course or a business trip: a change of scene always does you good. We ensure that you are well covered in any situation – so that your stay abroad is as carefree as possible.

What sort of insurance cover do I need for my stay abroad?
Tipp Above all, you should insure yourself against risks which quickly become expensive in case of any claims. These include illnesses and accidents, particularly in Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA where healthcare costs are very high. Just as sensible are breakdown protection, motorists' legal expenses cover and travel assistance insurance – in case you suddenly have to cut short your journey.
Tipp In most cases, you will not need baggage insurance: it is often covered by home contents insurance. Cancellation insurance is only worth it for expensive journeys or in combination with travel assistance insurance. And before you take out travel insurance: first clarify with your travel agent what cover you really need. Incidentally, travel insurance is not compulsory.
How do I prepare for my journey abroad?

No two journeys are the same: some people are tempted to spend a weekend savouring the local delicacies in the Alsace region, while others prefer a language course in Miami or a safari in South Africa. Every journey has its own appeal and broadens your horizons in a different way. However, all journeys are also associated with risks. Read all about how best to prepare yourself for incidents.

Reise ins Ausland Travelling abroad

«I'm travelling abroad soon and am really looking forward to it. All the preparations are well under way. I'm still worried about the question of insurance and what I need to do to make sure I'm on the safe side when I'm abroad.»

Längerer Auslandaufenthalt Lengthy period abroad

«I'll be spending a lengthy period abroad and am really looking forward to the experience. But what happens if I fall ill or have an accident while I'm there? I want to have the best insurance for all events.»

Impfungen und Vorbeugungen Vaccination and prevention

«I'm wondering whether I should get vaccinated before I travel abroad. Also, I've heard that vaccinations are obligatory for entering certain countries.»

Confirmation of insurance for travelling abroad

«I'm travelling to a country for which a visa is required and when I was applying for it, I realised that I need confirmation of insurance. What's the quickest way to get this confirmation of insurance?»

Don’t forget to pack your health insurance card

It contains the emergency number and your policy number for emergencies or claims. And because it is so important, you should not only have it with you in your suitcase but always have it on you. In case of treatment in the EU, as a rule you will at most have to pay an excess in the local medical facility thanks to this card.

What if something happens to me abroad?

Holidays do not always go according to plan. An accident or illness can bring an abrupt end to an eagerly awaited time out. In such situations, things are twice as difficult as they would be at home. How should you act? Who can help you? What things do you need to look out for?

Unwohlsein im Ausland Feeling unwell abroad

«I'm abroad and suddenly feel unwell. Is it because of the climate? Is it something I've eaten? Or is this funny feeling a sign that I'm falling ill? I'd like to know what's wrong with me and would be glad to receive some medical advice.»

Unfall/Krankheit Illness or accident abroad

«I'm abroad and need urgent medical assistance. How do I arrange this? Where can I get the medical treatment I need? Do I have to pay for the costs of treatment myself?»

Travel for visitors

«My daughter has been taken ill abroad and has been in hospital for some while. We're not sure how long she'll have to stay there, so we'd like to visit her. We're concerned about the travel and hotel costs.»


«Our daughter has been admitted to hospital in an emergency abroad. We're not sure if she's receiving the medical treatment she needs and we'd rather bring her home. Can Helsana help us?»

Vorzeitige Rückreise Premature return

«I have found out in the middle of my stay abroad that there has been an emergency at home. I have no other choice than to return to Switzerland immediately. It's annoying that my unscheduled return will also result in unforeseen costs.»

Personensuche Search for missing persons abroad

«Our son travelled abroad some time ago and we should have heard from him by now. We're concerned and worried. What should we do in this situation? Looking for someone abroad is going to be expensive.»

Geburt im Ausland Giving birth abroad

«Which costs are reimbursed if I plan to give birth abroad? I may also unexpectedly go into labour and give birth while travelling abroad.»

Rechtsschutz Legal expenses cover

«We've been involved in a car accident abroad and apart from the unusual inconvenience, we're also having trouble with the other driver involved. How do we get redress?»

Our benefits for your journey abroad

With our supplementary insurance policies, you get optimal cover against the consequences of illnesses and accidents abroad – and if you need on-site assistance, we will help you quickly at all times. Around the clock 365 days a year. We won’t leave you in the lurch in difficult situations.

Emergency Call Centre during your stay abroad

Helsana’s specialists provide telephone assistance in case of any health problems abroad. The emergency call center provides you with quick and easy assistance in the event of a medical emergency abroad, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – call us on +41 43 340 16 11.

Proper advice

Helsana is also here for you well beyond Switzerland's borders. Our International Center provides personal advice on suitable insurance cover during a short or extended stay abroad.

All-round cover

By taking out our Top and Completa supplementary insurance policies, you will get comprehensive insurance cover abroad. In case of a medical necessity, for example, we pay 100 % of the costs incurred worldwide in conjunction with your rescue, transportation and repatriation as well as 100 % of excess costs for emergency treatments (inpatient and outpatient).
More information on all-round cover

Legal expenses cover abroad

Helsana will also assist you in case of a legal dispute abroad – such as if you are involved in a car accident. Our Top, Completa and Omnia supplementary insurance policies include legal expenses cover abroad.
More information on legal expenses cover abroad