Starting a family / Moving in together

«We're moving in together and soon we'll be living in the same household. Is there such a thing as family insurance and who does it apply to? What else do we need to consider?»


Whether you are a traditional family, a step-family, a cohabiting couple or are part of a communal living arrangement, living in the same household brings with it a multitude of benefits. One of the major advantages is the reduction in rent and living costs. If you live together, you can help each other out and share expenses for things you use in common. On the other hand, you have to get used to sharing your living space with others and being respectful of their needs and wishes.

Checking your insurance situation

Starting a family or setting up a communal living arrangement has an impact on your insurance situation. Read all insurance policies carefully. Check whether the insurance cover meets your new circumstances. In particular, avoid any double insurance that may arise when two or more people move in together.

Regional and cantonal differences in premiums

If moving in together involves moving to another municipality or canton, this may result in a change in premiums. Premiums for basic insurance are set according to canton and region, while premiums for supplementary insurance vary from canton to canton. Calculate new premium

Notification of new address and forwarding of mail

Moving in together usually also means moving house. You can find useful information, tips and practical checklists for your move on the Change of address – private page of Swiss Post.

What can Helsana do for you?

Change of name/address

We can continue to provide you with competent and personal support in your new living situation. Please notify us of your new address as soon as possible when you move in together or move house.

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If you're insured under a general practitioner model and are moving house, the location of your general practitioner or group practice is important. Check whether your physician is still within the catchment area of your place of residence or contact our Customer Service.

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Saving on premiums with a family insurance policy

With a family insurance policy for people living in the same household, you benefit from attractive premium discounts of between 5% and 10% on your supplementary insurance. It makes no difference whether you live together as a married couple, as a family, as a cohabiting couple or in another type of communal living arrangement. All that matters is that you share the same address. The contract is concluded via a single account. There is only one correspondence and billing address bearing the names of the people responsible for the payments. If one person moves out, they also have to withdraw from the joint contract.

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Optimal insurance cover

When your living situation changes, your insurance needs often do too. Check, for example, whether your supplementary hospital insurance still meets your requirements. Take advantage of the opportunity to save on basic insurance premiums with an alternative insurance model such as BeneFit PLUS or PREMED-24.

Good to know: Each person may opt for an individual solution within the family insurance policy. The same insurance conditions apply to children as they do for adults.

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Family offers in the Helsana Primeclub

The Helsana Primeclub features the latest attractive offers for the entire family, designed to make life better and healthier.

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