What to do in the event of a claim

Legal expenses insurance

Healthcare and legal expenses insurance abroad

If you have taken out TOP, COMPLETA or OMNIA supplementary insurance, you will automatically benefit from comprehensive protection for health issues as well as legal expenses insurance in the event of conflicts at home or abroad.

Civil and motorists' legal expenses insurance

You can supplement your healthcare and foreign legal expenses cover under TOP, COMPLETA and OMNIA with Helsana Advocare PLUS or Helsana Advocare EXTRA. This means you also benefit from legal expenses insurance in the civil and motoring areas.

What to do if you need legal protection

Whether you need healthcare and foreign legal protection or civil and motorists' legal protection, the procedure is the same:

  • Contact us by calling the emergency number on the back of your insurance card


  • Describe your case to us using the form "Notification of legal protection claim" and send the signed form to the following address:

    Helsana Rechtsschutz AG
    Entfelderstrasse 2
    5001 Aarau

    or by e-mail to info@helsana-rechtsschutz.ch

We won't be long in getting back to you: we will contact you no later than two working days after receiving your notification.

"Notification of legal protection claim" form (PDF, 1MB)