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Chronic illnesses

Chronic illness is understood to refer to a persistent and sustained process that is accompanied by degenerative physical, social and psychological impairments or handicaps, and as a rule requires extended and sustained medical monitoring, observation and care (M. Mischo-Kelling, 1992 in Pschyrembel).

Forms of chronic illness

An acute illness generally sets in suddenly and dynamically, is of limited duration and can usually be cured in full. A chronic illness, in contrast, afflicts patients throughout their entire lives or at least over an extended period. There are lots of different forms of chronic illness:

  1.  Episodic, e.g. chronic polyarthritis
  2.  Sudden onset, e.g. breast cancer that is discovered by chance during a preventative screening
  3.  Chronic progredient, e.g. patient with congestive heart failure who over time requires care
  4.  Persistent, e.g. diabetes mellitus
  5.  Psychological or psychosomatic, e.g. burnout syndrome

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