What to do in the event of a claim

Accident-related tooth damage

After accident-related tooth damage

If your teeth are damaged after an accident and you are employed, your employer's accident insurance will pay for your dental treatment.

If you are unemployed or work fewer than 8 hours a week for one employer, you must have the accident cover included in your basic insurance (compulsory healthcare insurance). Then, the basic insurance will pay for the dental treatment – less your individual deductible (co-payment).

In the event of accident-related tooth damage, it is often the case that part of the oral mucosa or the lips and cheeks are affected, as well as the tooth. If you have suffered accident-related tooth damage, you should always contact your dentist. Your dentist will complete the "Tooth damage: findings/cost estimate (KVG) (PDF, 621KB) " form and send it to us along with the associated documents. Only then will we be informed of the tooth damage and any consequential damage assessed.

If the accident was food-related, we ask that you also complete and return the "Questionnaire relating to tooth damage in connection with food". To do this, please use the following address:

Helsana Insurances Inc.

Customer Services
P. O. Box
8081 Zurich