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Accident in Switzerland

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Accident - who is responsible?

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  1. Employees
  2. Children, nemployed persons and pensioners
  3. Self-employed individuals


Unfall Arbeitnehmende In general, if you work more than eight hours per week for the same employer, that employer’s accident insurance covers you against non-occupational and occupational accidents.

The employer’s HR office can register you if necessary.

If you are unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits, you’re auto- matically insured against accidents by SUVA.

The responsible unemployment insur- ance can register you if necessary.

Savings tip: you can exclude “accident cover” from your health insurance.


Children, nemployed persons and pensioners


Helsana often pays for the medical treatment of insured persons following damage caused by a third party, for example skiing or road accidents. The liability insurance of the party that caused the accident has to cover these costs.

Helsana processes the case and deter- mines whether costs can be reclaimed (recourse).

Savings tip: if recourse is successful, the insured person can reclaim the deductible and the excess from the liability insurance.


Self-employed individuals

Frau-Mann-selbststaendig can volun- tarily buy insurance from an accident insurer or include “accident” in their health insurance policy.

If you terminate an employment rela- tionship, i.e. if the entitlement to 50% of the salary lapses, you can conclude an extension of insurance for a maxi- mum of six months.

You can apply for an extension of insur- ance with your former accident insurer. Then you will have accident insurance during these six months.

Always report accidents to Helsana as soon as possible.

Savings tip: you can exclude “accident cover” from your health insurance, provided you have concluded accident insurance.