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Recognised fitness centres & health course leaders

Here you will find recognised fitness centres, along with instructors offering health courses approved by Helsana. When you take out SANA or COMPLETA supplementary cover, we will make a contribution towards the cost of your gym membership and approved fitness courses.

Approved fitness centres

You can develop your fitness, especially your muscle strength, safely at a fitness centre with the help of trained instructors.

Strong, well-toned muscles are crucial to our fundamental well-being. Regular work-outs with weights not only strengthen muscles, they enhance the cardiovascular system at the same time.

More muscles mean a faster metabolism which, in turn, helps maintain a healthy body weight. Be it back problems, weight issues, osteoporosis, diabetes or the need for long-term care in the elderly, many health problems have their origins in poorly trained muscles. We therefore recommend that you attend a strength-training class twice a week.

The Helsana Group promotes fitness training amongst its customers by making a contribution of CHF 200 per year under the SANA and COMPLETA supplementary health insurance schemes towards membership of any recognised fitness centre.

Approved instructors

Here you will find all instructors who provide health promoting measures approved by the Helsana Group. Your benefits will be paid under the SANA and COMPLETA supplementary insurance schemes.

Please address all enquiries to your customer service team. You will find the telephone number on your insurance card.