myHelsana portal for clients

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Customers say what they love about myHelsana

“Something I find very good is that I can gather information from the portal and don't need to contact customer service unless I have questions I can't find the answers to. I can always access the portal whenever I feel the need to.”
Berthold Weber, 48, operations manager

“I'm very satisfied with Helsana. I really like the online portal! You can sort out a lot of things yourself or find policies more quickly than you do when you have to search through files at home for them. It also means I don't have as much paper cluttering the place up!”
Gertrude Thoms, 41, assistant X-ray technician

“Good service, practical, and simple, quick invoicing thanks to the Internet portal.”
Sandrine Ponzetto, 48, commercial administrative assistant

myHelsana offers the following advantages:

  • Secure communication via portal messages
  • Overview of documents such as insurance policies, tax statements, premium and benefit invoices
  • Overview of your insurance cover(s)
  • Change personal and contact details (address)
  • Information and changes on payment processing such as account details, direct debiting or e-billing
Please note
  • By registering for myHelsana you eliminate the need for paper documents – with a few exceptions, for example money orders.
  • Only one person can register per multi-person household/family contract. This registration gives you access to the data of everyone named in the contract.


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