Do-it-yourself online services

Change your personal details and scope of insurance, order personal documents or report an accident. You can independently and conveniently take care of these matters and many others in our myHelsana customer portal.

Ordering address labels

We can process your receipts for reimbursement most efficiently if you affix your personal labels to them. Order your set of labels using the form below.

Ordering address labels

Order new address labels for you and other members of your family in good time. The labels contain all of your important information, such as your surname, first name and insurance number. This allows us to process your original documents, such as claim documents, faster. You will also find forwarding labels with the Helsana Group's correct address in the set.

Order address labels

Are your details up-to-date?

Please let us know if you have recently changed your name or address. In this case, please do not order any labels until we have registered the change.

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