General questions on myHelsana (FAQ)

  1. What is myHelsana?
  2. Who can register for myHelsana?
  3. For whom is myHelsana not really appropriate and why?
  4. Things to note when registering with myHelsana
  5. Why can’t I sign in?
  6. What is an mTan?
  7. Who can provide me with help when I need it?
  8. Do you save my data?
  9. Is my data secure with Helsana?
  10. Where can I find the legal information relating to myHelsana?

What is myHelsana?

Familie vor Laptop

myHelsana is the Helsana Group’s web portal for clients, giving you better online access to your health insurer. The portal lets you review and manage your personal data yourself. In addition, we upload important documents such as insurance policies and premium statements to myHelsana so that you can access them at any time. Since invoices will no longer be sent by ordinary post, myHelsana is particularly useful for clients who pay their bills by eBill or direct debit (ch-dd) with a bank (“Swiss Debit Direct” for PostFinance customers). You may, of course, continue to make payments via the online banking or eFinance (PostFinance) facilities.

The main benefits of myHelsana can be summarised as follows:

  • It is a respected communication online channel; less risk compared with e-mails;
  • A well structured document archive provides clarity and helps protect the environment (less paper);
  • Less time spent waiting for documents to arrive by post;
  • myHelsana is being upgraded all the time to provide you with even more options.

Why not take a look at our video.


Who can register for myHelsana?

Any client of the Helsana Group (Helsana and Progrès) may register and open an account. Only one person can register per multi-person household/family contract. This registration gives you access to the data of everyone named in the contract. For more details, please see our terms of use.


For whom is myHelsana not really appropriate and why?

If you pay your bills directly at a bank or post-office counter using payment slips, you may continue to do so but in this case, myHelsana is perhaps not the best option for you. When you register with myHelsana, you will stop receiving physical payment slips.


Things to note when registering with myHelsana

You will need your insurance number, a mobile number and an e-mail address to register. After you have completed registration, we will send you your activation code by physical post. You need this code to complete the registration process.

Please note that once you have completed your registration (after activating your account), you will receive all mail electronically from the start of insurance. This means that your invoices, insurance policies and benefit statements, etc. will all be stored on your myHelsana account. You will receive mail via physical post only when this is a legal necessity, or for technical reasons.


Why can’t I sign in?

In order to sign in, you need your e-mail address, your password and your access code (mTan). The access code will be sent by sms to the mobile-phone number registered with us.

Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Password forgotten?” button beneath the input field.


What is an mTan?

Tan stands for transaction number.These are numeric codes that are only active for a short time and can thereafter no longer be used. These codes are sent by SMS to your mobile number. This is why one speaks of mTan, i.e. mobile tan.


Who can provide me with help when I need it?

Should you have any questions on myHelsana or need practical assistance (online help), you can reach us on the following telephone numbers:

Technical support for insured in Switzerland: 058 340 93 70, Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm

For insured domiciled abroad: +41 58 340 18 80, Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm

These telephone numbers are intended for use specifically with issues concerning the myHelsana client portal.

Should you have any general questions on your health insurance, please call us on 0844 80 81 82 as usual or your customer care team.


Do you save my data?

We do not store personal information. Helsana uses GoogleAnalytics to monitor site usage. To do this, we need to identify your IP address. However, Google’s data-protection guidelines explicitly state that Analytics does not establish any links to personal data (e.g. Gmail).


Is my data secure with Helsana?

Yes, Helsana has taken organisational and technical steps to ensure that your personal data is protected against unauthorised access.


Where can I find the legal information relating to myHelsana?

Here you will find the terms of use for myHelsana.