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Do you receive unwanted promotional calls?

Neutral and independent insurance advisors provide a valuable service. They help normal, everyday people to negotiate the health insurance market and play a major part in ensuring they receive optimal insurance cover. Helsana also works with external advisors. As a member of "Curafutura", we are committed to maintaining stringent quality standards with which our sales partners must comply.

These include a clear ban on telephoning people who have a starred entry in the telephone directory or who have not explicitly consented to being contacted beforehand.

Unfortunately, there are so-called "call centres" that still disregard these instructions and attempt to persuade you to arrange a personal consultation or change your insurance under false pretences. Examples of the false pretences include offering arbitrary savings or made-up discounts, pretending to carry out surveys, and impersonating Helsana employees or members of consumer protection organisations. Unfortunately, their creativity knows no bounds. These companies often operate from abroad, thus circumventing Swiss legislation (e.g. the provision set out in the Federal Act Against Unfair Competition).

If you are quite sure that you have never provided your telephone (or mobile) number in a competition or divulged it on the Internet, try to find out as much as possible about the caller during this unsolicited conversation. The more specific these details are, the greater your chances of getting the police to investigate the caller. Record as many details about the call as possible, i.e.:

  • Telephone number
  • Date and time of the call
  • Name of the company and caller
  • Reason for the call

You can report this telephone call (malpractice) to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO):

SECO also offers extensive informational material on this topic:

Who is behind these calls?

It is particularly important that we know which consulting firms are buying or using illegally generated consultation appointments. We would be grateful if you could provide us with any information on such advisors. As members of the Curafutura association, we are able to respond quickly to such information if it concerns one of our contractual partners. Click here for the contact form.