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"Committed to life". This is our promise to be committed to the lives of each and every person. We put you as our customer at the centre of everything we do. For this reason, we also want to make life easier for you. Here you will find a clear summary of the most important information you need to ensure that our partnership gets off to a successful start.

Committed in every life situation.

Our commitment to life means far more than providing you with insurance in the event of illness. We support you and your family at any age and in all areas that promote your health. However your life may change, we remain committed to you and will always be by your side.

Ausland Committed to fast aid.

Feel safe and at home when travelling abroad. Whatever happens: Our Emergency Call Centre provides you with assistance around the clock, wherever you are in the world. What’s more, in serious cases we bring you quickly and safely back to Switzerland.

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Familie Committed to what matters most.

We make sure your baby is completely protected from the very first day, and support your family through illness or accident with a range of exclusive care offers.

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Komplementaermedizin Committed to your own alternative.

Choose the treatment method that appeals to you. Our experts on the medicine advice line will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate type of therapy.

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Gesundheitsfoerderung Committed to a new me.

Get closer to your goal with every step. We have 360 outdoor running routes to help you along the way. Find your nearest Helsana Trail and discover further preventive solutions for a healthier you.

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Insurance card makes a lot of things easier

As a customer with compulsory health insurance or supplementary insurance with the Helsana Group, you will receive an insurance card. Please show your Helsana Card any time you need to see a doctor, go to hospital or visit a pharmacy, whether at home or abroad. This will simplify the billing process with Helsana and help to save costs.

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What does the cost participation consist of?

The Federal Health Insurance Act provides for insured parties to participate in their recovery expenses. This cost participation consists of three components: deductible, excess and contribution to a hospital stay. The amount of your cost participation is determined by the year in which treatment took place.

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How do refunds work?

You can send your invoices quickly and easily using the free Helsana scan app. You will save time, paper and postage. As the scan app makes posting anything unnecessary, we are no longer producing address and insurance labels. Despite that, you may, of course, also send us your invoices by post.

After you have been to the doctor, therapist or in hospital, these service providers send you the invoice. According to the Swiss Health Insurance Act, and unless otherwise agreed with the service provider, you owe the medical fees. This means that you are responsible for paying this invoice. We will check the invoice and refund you the amount to which you are entitled according to your insurance cover after deducting your cost contribution.

We have a contractual agreement in place with various service providers for direct payment of bills: We receive invoices directly from the service provider (hospital, doctor, therapist, etc.) and pay them directly to the service provider. We then charge you the cost contribution and any “uninsured” amount.

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How to save money with Helsana

Discounts thanks to new payment frequencies

We offer a premium discount to insured parties who pay their insurance premium in advance every six months or once a year. 1% discount for annual pre-payment of your due insurance premiums and 0.5% for pre-payment every six months. You can claim a premium reduction if you have compulsory health insurance (basic insurance) with a health insurer recognised by the Swiss federal government and your income and assets are low enough to qualify you for financial support. This support differs from canton to canton.

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Refund from environmental levies

All Swiss residents receive a refund from the incentive taxes raised by the Swiss federal government. For administrative reasons, the refund is paid out in the form of a reduction in the premium for compulsory health insurance. We will offset this amount against the premiums due for all insured parties over the course of the year. The exact amount can be found in your insurance policy.

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McOptic – glasses and contact lenses at a special price

You receive a long-term discount of 10% on the entire range, a free eye test worth CHF 40 and additional discounts on McOptic special offers for single vision and varifocal glasses.

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Mail-order pharmacy partners

Want to have medications delivered to your home and save money at the same time? In Switzerland Helsana customers can obtain their medications including generics discreetly and inexpensively from mail-order pharmacies at exclusive conditions. Helsana has a working relationship with four well-established mail-order pharmacies:

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Pharmacy items online

A range put together especially for Helsana offers quality products from head to toe – cosmetics, vitamins, sanitary products as well as products for mother and child – at a permanent discount of 10% on top of the existing Zur Rose discounts.

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The Helsana+ app

The app for that extra Plus in your life: For people who are active, take preventive health measures and are connected with Helsana. Use the Helsana+ app to collect Plus points, and receive cash or lucrative offers.

Your Plus points are worth hard cash: We are the only Swiss health insurer to provide the option to exchange your collected Plus points for cash. Those who work hard at collecting points can receive more than CHF 300 per year. It’s easy: Download the Helsana+ app, connect it to a step counter, calorie counter or fitness tracker, and send us photographic proof of your memberships, courses, medical checkups or loyalty to Helsana. We will reward you with the equivalent number of Plus points, which you can then transform into cash.

Attractive benefits at partners: Your starting position in the race for Plus points is level 1. Depending on how many points you collect, you can advance to levels 2 to 5. The higher your bonus level, the bigger the discounts you get from selected partners. At the end of each calendar year, you have 12 months in which to keep your level or to advance.

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