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To help you find your way quickly, we have compiled all important information for your start with Helsana here. Alongside helpful tips related to your insurance policy, you can find out more about your various benefits.

Why do I need an insurance card?

Whether in Switzerland or abroad, at the doctor, in hospital or at the pharmacy: ensure your Helsana insurance card is always close to hand. This will save you time and unnecessary effort when it comes to settlement.

More information on your insurance card

How can I easily keep my healthcare costs under control?

We are happy to advise you in case of any uncertainty about healthcare costs: you can find answers to questions such as how much you will be reimbursed and also how you contribute to your healthcare costs here.

Your online statement

More than 100,000 customers use our online client portal, myHelsana. You, too, can settle all matters relating to your health insurance quickly and easily.

More information on the myHelsana client portal

Your refunds

Have you visited a doctor or been to hospital? What now? The service provider – for example, your doctor or therapist – will either send the invoice for the consultation costs to you directly or to us. Depending on your coverage, we will then refund you the amount to which you are entitled.

Have you received an invoice directly? You can transfer this to us in the traditional way, but there is also an easier option: using our scan app saves you time, paper and postage.

More information on the free Helsana scan app

Your premium

When it comes to health, the principle of solidarity applies: the healthy support the sick. Every individual who is resident in Switzerland must pay a minimum contribution – the compulsory basic insurance – regardless of whether or not they receive any benefits. This contribution helps to cover the total costs, thus ensuring that everyone who needs medical support is cared for.

More information on basic insurance plans

Where do I get discounts?

Thanks to our partnerships, you benefit from discounts on a wide range of products related to your health.

For glasses and contact lenses

At McOptic, you benefit from a free eye test, a long-term discount of 10% on the entire range as well as various discounts on single vision and varifocal glasses.

More information on discounts at McOptic

At mail-order pharmacies

Have medication or generic medication conveniently delivered to your home. Better still, save money in the process. Thanks to our co-operation with various mail-order pharmacies, you can benefit from exclusive conditions.

More information on discounts at mail-order pharmacies

How can I save on premiums?

We want you to know you are in good hands, so are happy to show you how you can optimise your premium to fit your individual needs and wishes without restrictions.

  1. Increase your deductible
    Contribute to your healthcare costs and your annual premium will fall. If you choose the highest annual deductible of CHF 2,500, you can achieve a maximum saving of 50%.
  2. Check your accident insurance
    If you are employed by the same employer for at least eight hours a week, you are insured against both occupational and non-occupational accidents through your employer. So you can exclude accident coverage from your basic insurance.
  3. Adjust your insurance model
    Helsana offers alternative insurance models (AIM) under basic insurance. Choose an AIM that suits you: with the general practitioner model BeneFit PLUS, for example, you will receive a discount of at least 10%.
  4. Take out a long-term policy
    If you have supplementary insurance which allows for the conclusion of a long-term policy, you will benefit from a discount: you can save 3% if you take out a policy with a three-year term, or 5% on a policy with a five-year term.
  5. Find out if you are entitled to a premium reduction
    The conditions that apply to a premium reduction vary from canton to canton. Your municipality will be able to tell you whether you can claim this.

More information and tips on how you can optimise your premium.

What can I do for my health?

We are happy to support you in your everyday activities, be it with specific tips for the perfect training environment or a bonus programme for a healthy lifestyle.
Your plus: Helsana+ app

Are you a member of a gym or do you do another form of activity? Do you take part in health-related courses and attend check-ups? If so, we reward you for this: with the Helsana+ bonus programme, you can collect Plus points for your health-conscious lifestyle and loyalty to Helsana.

More information on Helsana+

Your fitness: Helsana trails

Make sure you stay active – outdoors in the fresh air is best. We have around 360 Helsana trails in more than 120 locations in Switzerland, offering the ideal environment for runners, walkers and those who enjoy a gentle stroll. Each trail provides a range of different signposted circular routes and training tips.

More information on the Helsana trails

Your free check: Helsana health bus

The Helsana health bus goes out on the road for you every year, offering free tests and advice on a particular health topic in various cities across Switzerland. The information provided covers topics such as stress, strong lungs and restful sleep.

More information on the health bus

How is Helsana committed to society?

For us, being “committed to life” also means being committed to society. Together with selected partners in the social domain, we work to make this commitment a reality.

Theodora Foundation

The Theodora Foundation enables sick children to enjoy carefree moments by organising and financing visits from professional performers to hospitals and specialist institutions for disabled children throughout Switzerland every week. With our support, around 100,000 visits to children are made each year.


We have a lot to thank technical progress for, including Nao: the avatar robot allows children and young people to stay in contact with their school and home life even when they have to be in hospital for a long time, enabling them to be “present” in real time. Thanks to our support, several Avatars are already in service throughout Switzerland.

Special Olympics

As part of the world's largest sports organisation for people with special needs, Special Olympics Switzerland organises training sessions and competitions as well as participation in events abroad. We also support this organisation, with volunteer work carried out by our employees.

More information on our commitment

How does Helsana share information on health topics?


Once each month, we will send you select tips related to health as well as the latest news on our products and services.

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Whether exercise, nutrition or mindfulness: our blog provides information on current and relevant topics for your wellbeing.

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“Aktuell” customer magazine and guides

Our customer magazine “Aktuell” issued four times a year contains everything you need to know about your insurance cover and benefits. You will receive your magazine through the post.

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Twice yearly, “Aktuell” is also accompanied by a compact, informative guide on a specific health topic.

Previous issues:

  • Guide 01: Stress
  • Guide 02: Calories
  • Guide 03: Breathing
  • Guide 04: Sleep

(available in German, French and Italian)

Keep the guides safely in the special box, so they are always to hand.

Order any missing guides or a box by emailing