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Discounts for Helsana Advocare EXTRA

Depending on your age, you can get extremely generous discounts on the insurance premium for Helsana Advocare EXTRA.

With Helsana Advocare EXTRA, you can add civil, motoring and Internet legal expenses to the foreign and healthcare legal expenses cover of the supplementary insurance policies TOP, COMPLETA und OMNIA, thereby turning your cover into comprehensive legal expenses insurance providing you with global protection and support.

And what's more, you get the following additional discounts on the insurance premium for Helsana Advocare EXTRA:

Children up to the age of 18

  • 100% discount
  • Helsana Advocare EXTRA is completely free for children until they reach the age of 19

Young people from the age of 19 to 25

  • 50% discount

Adults from the age of 26

  • 25% partner discount for two or more adults from the same household insured under the same contract as the person paying the premium