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Premium subsidy

These days, many insured are entitled to a premium subsidy and also avail themselves of this. Are your financial circumstances very modest and do you need a financial contribution to your compulsory health insurance premium? We will explain what you have to do.

People who have taken out compulsory health insurance (basic insurance) from a health insurance scheme recognised by the Federal government and whose income and assets justify financial support are entitled to a premium subsidy. This support differs from canton to canton, and is often only activated after the insured has submitted an enquiry. It is therefore worth asking the competent authorities of your canton of residence whether you are entitled to financial support.

If you live in an EU country, Iceland or Norway and draw a pension from Switzerland, you are also entitled to a premium reduction subject to certain conditions. Contact the Gemeinsame Einrichtung, which is also responsible for premium reductions for family members who live in Switzerland.

Payment via health insurer

Since 2014 all cantons have been obliged to route the premium subsidy through the insurance company. The subsidy can no longer be paid directly to the beneficiary or set off against the tax bill. The premium subsidy is reported on the premium invoice and is deducted directly from the insurance premium. Helsana can only credit the premium subsidy to the invoice after it has received the required notice from the canton. The new Health Insurance Act also no longer allows insurance companies to disclose the premium subsidy in the policy.

Premium subsidy – further information

Did you already receive a decision on the 2017 premium subsidy from the canton, but your premium invoice has not yet been adjusted?

To enable us to deduct the amount from your invoice, the canton must send us an electronic notice. It can take as long as two months from the date on which the decision (by the canton) is sent to you for us to be notified.

If the premium reduction still has not been credited to your premium invoice two months after receipt of the decision, please contact your competent Canton directly.

Important: To avoid receiving a reminder, we would ask you to pay your premium invoice, even if it does not yet reflect the premium subsidy. The deduction will be made later and you will receive an amended invoice with a credit for the excess premium paid.

Is it difficult for you to pay the invoice? Please give us a call. Together we are sure to find a solution. Tel. 0844 80 81 82

Do you receive additional benefits?
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The links listed on the right take you directly to the canton's information on their conditions and show you how to apply for a premium subsidy.