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Reminders and enforcement

By paying your invoices on time, you avoid unnecessary charges and help us to keep our administrative costs low.

According to article 64a of the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (Bundesgesetz über die Krankenversicherung), health insurers are required to collect outstanding premiums and cost-sharing amounts under compulsory health insurance (basic health insurance).

The steps involved in the reminder and enforcement process
  1. If the deadline for payment has passed, you will be issued a payment reminder.
  2. If you still fail to pay despite having been issued a reminder, a fee will be charged in the further course of the reminder process.
  3. If your invoice has still not been paid, we will send you a final reminder. In addition to further reminder fees, we will charge default interest of 5 per cent.
  4. Legal collection procedures require that the reminder process for basic health insurance is kept separate from that for supplementary insurance. You will therefore be issued a separate reminder for supplementary insurance. Additional fees will be incurred as a result.
  5. If the enforcement process is initiated, the Dept Enforcement Office will demand payment of the outstanding debt. You will then have to pay the outstanding amount through the Debt Enforcement Office.