Payment methods

Post customers – Debit Direct (DD)

Debit Direct is not only incredibly convenient, it is also 100% risk-free. You always have full control since you can cancel any debit in writing within 30 days. Debit Direct only offers advantages.

Here's how you can start benefiting as soon as possible: Fill out and return the DD debit authorisation form today so you never have to think about paying your premiums again.

Please note the following

  • Only the person in your family who pays the premiums should fill out the debit authorisation form.
  • The premium will be debited on the first Monday of the month.
  • If you are still receiving premium invoices with paying-in slips, please use them to pay your premium.
  • If you stop receiving paying-in slips from us, Debit Direct has been activated.
  • Please send the signed form directly to Helsana Versicherungen AG.

Forms for download

Debit Direct form (PDF, 38KB)