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How refunds work

The process is quite simple: Send in or scan the invoice and we will refund you the insured costs. Our short animated film also shows you how it works.

Send your invoices to the following address or submit them digitally via the myHelsana client portal.

Mailing address:
Helsana Insurance Company Ltd
8081 Zurich

Save time, paper and postage

Use the scan app to conveniently scan your invoice at home and transmit it directly to us. The scan app eliminates the need to go to the post office, which is why address and insurance labels will no longer be available from 1 September 2017. Of course, you may also continue to send us your invoices by post.

"Third-party guarantor" refund

Doctors, therapists or hospitals send their bill directly to the patient's home. The reason Under the Health Insurance Act, it is the patient who owes the medical fees and not the health insurer.

So, when you receive an invoice, you pay the person or organisation that has issued it. In order to receive a refund, simply send in or scan your invoice.

One we receive the invoice, we check the invoice details and refund you the insured costs minus your co-payment. On the first page of your benefit statement, you will find the amount reimbursed, the date of the transfer and the account details:


Direct payment to the "third-party guarantor" service provider
Provided we have contractually agreed a direct payment with a service provider (a hospital, doctor, therapist or other authority), the service provider sends the invoice directly to us. We then transfer the outstanding amount to the service provider. In this situation, you do not need to do anything. You are not invoiced for the corresponding treatment. We then only charge you the co-payment and any uninsured costs.
Your insurance card
Your insurance card contains all the important information about your insurance cover. It simplifies the flow of information between you and service providers (hospitals, doctors and pharmacies). For example, you can use the insurance card to obtain medication at the pharmacy. After checking your insurance cover, we then only charge you your co-payment and any uninsured costs.
Invoice processing

Every day, we receive around 65,000 invoices from our policyholders and from doctors, hospitals and therapists. More than 50% of these are sent to us electronically, and the rest are scanned by us centrally.