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What is a benefits statement? How do I read it?

Here is a simple explanation of the benefits statement: with a short animated film, overview and example to guide you through it step by step.

Initial overview

On the first page you can find the processed invoices per insured person as well as the co-payments at a glance. At the bottom you can see which amount we will be transferring to/deducting from which account and when.

Detailed information

We list the individual benefits such as visits to the doctor or medication on each statement. These are divided into insured costs and uninsured costs. If we do not cover an amount in full, a detailed explanation is provided for this on the statement. The detailed individual statements and an overview of the cost participation of each insured person.


In Switzerland, every insured person contributes towards the cost of the benefits claimed under basic insurance, such as visits to the doctor or hospital as well as medication. This co-payment consists of the deductible and the excess. It is valid per calendar year. The detailed list is included at the end of the benefits statement, where we indicate which amounts we take into account for the deductible and excess.

Multi-person contract

  • The benefits statement is divided into three different parts:
  • Overview on the first page: Summary per insured person
  • The individual statements in detail and overview of the co-payment per insured person

Overview cost participation

We always indicate the name of the person concerned alongside each item. The reference numbers in the overview help you to find the invoices:

Leistungsabrechnung Beispiel 1

Example of a benefits statement

Step by step through the benefits statement (PDF, 289KB) .