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Excluding accident cover – basic insurance

If you are employed by the same employer for at least eight hours a week, you are insured against both occupational and non-occupational accidents through them. That means you can exclude accident cover from your compulsory basic insurance policy because your employer's accident insurance covers the costs of treatment. Your premium is reduced by 7%.

If you are employed for less than eight hours a week on average, you are only insured against occupational accidents through your employer. In this case, accident insurance needs to be included in your basic insurance so that you are also insured against accidents during your leisure time (non-occupational accidents).

Remember to include accident cover again

As soon as you are no longer insured against accidents through your employer, you have to include accident cover in your compulsory basic insurance policy again, for example if you terminate the employment relationship or your working hours fall below eight hours a week.

If you receive unemployment benefit, you are insured against accidents by SUVA. This also applies during the days before you qualify for payment and days when your allowance has been suspended as well as during employment schemes organised as part of your unemployment insurance.

Good to know

If you leave your job, you remain insured against non-occupational accidents for a period of 31 days after the end of the employment relationship without paying premiums (so-called extension of cover).

Excluding accident cover