Helsana trails Switzerland

Whatever your personal goal, you’ll move closer to achieving it, one step at a time, at our 360+ Helsana trails. At over 120 locations, you will find the perfect environment for outdoor exercise and sport. The Helsana trails allow you to jog, walk, hike or take a gentle stroll on signposted trails – search for the right path for you and start moving.

Information about the trails

Our signposted circular routes are suitable for jogging, walking, hiking or a gentle stroll. They are varied and offer different lengths, making them suitable for every level. Enjoy sports, games and fun on and near the Helsana trails.

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Circuits of up to 25 kilometres
Every one of the more than 120 trail locations offers two or more guided circular routes. The distances vary between three and 25 kilometres. Most of them can be combined, and they are suitable for every fitness level. There are more than 360 circular routes available to you across Switzerland. Select the route that is right for you and recharge your energy in nature. You will find the trail map here.
Free of charge and open all hours
Helsana trails are available free of charge and throughout the year. The routes are regularly inspected and maintained by local trail administrators to ensure that you can train optimally at all times. Since the first Helsana trail was opened in 2003, we have been working with our partner Swiss Athletics to expand the network of trails. Maybe together with you? Find out more below.
Highlights on and near the trail
Are you looking for an attractive place to go on the weekend? Most Helsana trails can be combined with other activities. They offer nice places to relax, linger or enjoy the view on the trail or nearby. We indicate to you on the map and in the app the special highlights for every Helsana trail, such as barbecue facilities, climbing areas, swimming lakes, toboggan runs and whether the trail is suitable for children. Download the Helsana trails app.
Exercises and training aids on the trails
Most of the Helsana trails feature signs along the way explaining the principles of walking, Nordic walking and running. For example, the correct technique or the right level of training intensity as well as strength and stretching exercises. These signs can generally be found on the shortest trail routes and at the start of the trail. In addition, distance markers and signposts are included on all the trails, so you can get to your destination without detours.
Open a new trail

Is there still no Helsana trail in your region? Whether you are a club, a private individual or a school class – your ideas for a new trail are welcome. As a first step, fill in the application form for a new Helsana trail. Working together, we will explore the options. If you plan and institute a new Helsana trail, we will advise you and provide you with the complete signage material free of charge. The trail administrators are responsible for the trail and take care of permits and signage along the trails. The trail administrators receive annual compensation for maintaining the Helsana trails.

Please fill in the form and send it to our partner by 15 August: Swiss Athletics, Haus des Sports, P.O. Box, 3000, Bern 22. We will let you know by the end of November whether the trail will be set up in the following year.