Helsana trails Switzerland

Whatever your personal goal, you’ll move closer to achieving it, one step at a time, at our 360+ Helsana trails. At over 120 locations, you will find the perfect environment for outdoor exercise and sport. The Helsana trails allow you to jog, walk, hike or take a gentle stroll on signposted trails – search for the right path for you and start moving.

Helsana Trails app

The free Helsana Trails app brings the trails right to your smartphone. It’s a navigation aid, coach and event planner all in one, making exercising even more fun.

The app shows you the routes, distances and altitude profiles of all the Helsana trails. The integrated tracking function makes it the ideal coach: It measures the distance, speed, time, altitude, time and calories burned for each run. On any route and for any type of training. You can view the results in the app calendar. Share and compare your daily results with your friends. The Helsana trails app also shows you the best attractions on and near the Helsana trails, such as viewpoints, playgrounds, swimming areas and other activities.

Download the Helsana trails app on your smartphone now and start moving! More than 360 trails at over 120 locations await you.