Helsana trails Switzerland

Whatever your personal goal, you’ll move closer to achieving it, one step at a time, at our 360+ Helsana trails. At over 120 locations, you will find the perfect environment for outdoor exercise and sport. The Helsana trails allow you to jog, walk, hike or take a gentle stroll on signposted trails – search for the right path for you and start moving.

The Easter Bunny is loose on the Helsana Trails. Find your Easter surprise box!

Exercising in the great outdoors is fun and healthy. There’s now another good reason to get moving and discover the Helsana Trails!

osteraktion trails

Over the Easter weekend, the Easter Bunny will hide a large number of Easter surprise boxes on some of the most popular Helsana Trails in Switzerland. The boxes contain pocket knives, sticking plasters, hand cleaning sprays, chocolate Easter bunnies and many colourful chocolate Easter eggs.

The hunt for the Easter surprise boxes will run from Good Friday on 19 April up to and including Easter Monday on 22 April 2019.

Combine sports, exercise and relaxing activities in the fresh air with the thrilling hunt for an Easter surprise box. And take this opportunity to discover the beauty of different regions throughout Switzerland.

The best way to do this is to download the free Helsana Trails app on your smartphone now: it’s a navigation aid, coach and event planner all in one.

The Easter Bunny has been spotted on the following trails:

Central Plateau region
  • Bad Zurzach (Canton of Aargau) – on the blue and yellow trails
  • Brugg (Canton of Aargau) – on the blue trail
  • Burgdorf (Canton of Bern) – on the green, blue and yellow trails
  • Gstaad – Saanen (Canton of Bern) – on the blue trail
  • Häutligen (Canton of Bern) – on the yellow, green and blue trails
  • Lenk (Canton of Bern) – on the green trail
  • Rheinfelden (Canton of Aargau) – on the blue, yellow and green trails
  • Steffisburg (Canton of Bern) – on the yellow trail
Eastern Switzerland region
  • Weinfelden (Canton of Thurgau) – on the blue and green trails

Ticino region
  • Bellinzona (Canton of Ticino) – on the yellow, green and blue trails
French-Speaking Switzerland region
  • Cugy (Canton of Vaud) – on the blue, green and yellow trails
  • La Neuveville (Canton of Bern) – on the blue, green and yellow trails
Zurich region
  • Hedingen (Canton of Zurich) – on the green trail
  • Wetzikon (Canton of Zurich) – on the yellow trail
  • Winterthur Wolfensberg (Canton of Zurich) – on the yellow, blue and green trails

Committed to a healthy you

The Helsana Trails are a key element of the activities organised by Helsana to promote an increase in well-being. They are based on the medically proven  fact that regular exercise in the fresh air can help ensure a healthy life.