Health promotion

Useful trail information

Our signposted circuits are suitable for jogging, walking or a gentle stroll. On the trails, you’ll find signs with strength and stretching exercises as well as information about correct technique and a healthy level of training intensity.

Helsana-Trail Cardada

Circuits of up to 25 kilometres
Each trail location offers signposted circuits with three or more trails. The lengths of these trails usually vary from five to 25 kilometres and are suitable for any level of training. There are more than 360 trails available to you across Switzerland. Simply choose the appropriate trail nearest to you.
Exercises and training aids on the trails
On the trails you’ll find signs that explain the basics of running, walking and Nordic walking. For example, the correct technique or the right level of training intensity as well as strength and stretching exercises. These signs can generally be found on the shortest trail routes and on trail start signs. In addition, distance markers and signposts have been placed along all of the trails.
Free of charge, and open all hours
Helsana trails are available free of charge and throughout the year. The routes are regularly inspected and maintained by local trail administrators to ensure that you can train optimally at all times. Since the first trail was opened in 2003, Helsana and Swiss Athletics have worked continuously to expand the network of Helsana Trails. You can open a trail as well. For more information, please click here .