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Open a new trail

Is there still no Helsana Trail in your region? Then take the initiative and open your own trail. Working together, we will explore the options. Simply complete the application form.

Helsana-Trail Kriens

Whether you’re a member of an association, a private individual or part of a school class, your involvement counts. Help expand the network of trails across Switzerland. We are happy to help you with advice on opening a new trail and will provide all the signage materials free of charge. The trail administrators will be responsible for the trail and will take care of permits and signage along the Helsana trail. The trail administrators receive annual compensation for maintaining the trails.

Application for a new Helsana Trail

Please submit the application for a new trail to our partner Swiss Athletics by 15 August of the current year: Swiss Athletics, Haus des Sports, P.O. Box, 3000 Berne 22. Our partner will inform you by the end of November whether the trail can be built the next year.

Application form (German) (PDF, 77KB)