Friend referral: recommend the Helsana Group

Conditions of participation from 01/01/2018

You benefit from each referral: if someone takes out a basic insurance policy with us because of your recommendation, both you and them will receive a gift worth CHF 50.

For all basic insurance taken out in response to a recommendation, both the referring customer and the new customer benefit from a preselected gift worth CHF 50. Referrals of supplementary insurance policies are not rewarded.

The following applies to the entitlement to referral gifts:

  1. The referred party must effectively be a new customer. Persons who at the time of the referral already have compulsory basic insurance with the Helsana Group (Helsana and Progrès) are not considered new customers.
  2. The new customer's insurance quote and application form must clearly note the friend referral. For this purpose, Helsana makes a note of the referring customer on every insurance quote issued in response to a friend referral. If the new customer compiles the quote on the Helsana website themselves, they must note the following information in writing on the quote: the date of birth and (if known) the Helsana insurance number of the referring customer.
  3. Friend referrals notified after insurance has already been taken out cannot be considered for this campaign.
  4. Registering newborns in the friend referral campaign is not allowed, nor can parents recommend the Helsana Group to their minor children for this purpose.
  5. New customers cannot refer themselves.
  6. Participation is open to all persons over the age of 18 with the exception of Helsana Group employees, the Group's external agents involved in the project, and members of their families.
  7. All insurance policies concluded by agents and brokers are excluded from this campaign.
  8. Only natural persons, and not companies, are eligible to take part.

Helsana reserves the right to replace the gift with other referral gifts at any time or to terminate the friend referral campaign at any time of its choosing. However, referrals received before such time will of course be taken into account according to the conditions stated here.

The referral gift will be sent automatically to the referring customer and new customer as soon as the new policy has been processed internally. Processing of applications that contain supplementary insurance may take somewhat longer due to the medical examination.

The judges' decision is final. Value-added tax is included in the gift.

Helsana, 1 January 2018