Friend referral

Customers promote customers. Committed to friendship.


We will give you CHF 100 for every new customer. When you recommend us to your friends, we value it as a sign of your trust in us. We would like to thank you for your help.

Thanks to your recommendation, your friends and acquaintances will also discover and learn to appreciate the advantages we offer. Health has mattered to us for more than 115 years. You and all our 2.1 million customers benefit from a wide range of health insurance options.

Earning CHF 100 is easy:

1. Complete the online form

Important: we need your contact details and those of the person that you would like to recommend.

2. Recommend

Please send the form to your friend or acquaintance along with a personal message.

3. Non-binding quote

If they are interested, your friend or acquaintance will receive a non-binding offer.

4. Reward after contract is signed

If the person takes out a basic insurance policy and a supplementary insurance policy with us in 2019, we will give you CHF 100. We will also credit 1,500 points to your Helsana+ account.