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Travelcheck: Liability exclusion

All health and safety information is provided from sources outside of Helsana and is considered useful information for the careful planning of a trip. As the traveller, you take sole and full responsibility for the decision, preparation and planning of a trip.

Information of a medical nature must never replace the advice provided by your doctor, pharmacist or travel medicine specialist. This applies in particular to individuals at risk. In the event of uncertainty or an uneasy feeling then you should always contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Dangerous situations are often unforeseeable and unclear; threats and risks in a country can change very quickly. Helsana cannot assume responsibility for the integrity of the information and shall not be held responsible for loss or damage associated with a trip.

Helsana reserves the right to modify or extend the offer in full or in part at any time and without giving special notice.

Please also refer to the legal information on the Helsana website.