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Cardiovascular diseases, obesity, intolerances to foods and certain autoimmune disorders are influenced both by genetic factors as well as by diet and lifestyle. Nutripass gene testing can help you adjust your diet to suit you. The test results give you valuable insights and tips on prevention.

Shed light on intolerance to foods (Nutripass)
The way the body reacts to specific foods depends on our individual genetic makeup. For example, one person may be lactose intolerant, while another may have trouble digesting gluten. If you have certain genetic variations, some dietary habits may increase the risk of developing specific illnesses. It is therefore vital to know about your genetic disposition so you can adjust how you eat.
Limits of the test

The development of many common conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and some autoimmune disorders is influenced by genes and lifestyle (e.g. diet). Nutripass gene testing can provide advice on lifestyle changes, but cannot completely exclude the possibility of developing an illness. The results need to be interpreted by the responsible medical personnel, who factor in all relevant clinical and pathological data and laboratory analyses.

Clinical studies
Genetic factors that influence intolerance to foods are clinically relevant. This has been proven several times in scientific literature.

Costs covered by Helsana

Costs covered with PRIMEO supplementary insurance

If you have taken out PRIMEO supplementary insurance, Helsana will cover 90% of the costs of the partner firm Gene Predictis. Supplementary insurance pays up to CHF 5,000 in total per calendar year for innovative forms of diagnosis and treatment. Helsana will be invoiced directly for your test. Only applicable if: Primeo policyholder is over 18 years of age.

Costs covered without PRIMEO supplementary insurance

This laboratory test is not covered by basic insurance. For policyholders without supplementary insurance, Helsana has agreed a preferential price with the partner firm Gene Predictis. Customers without PRIMEO supplementary insurance can have the test at a 20% discount on the official price. The policyholder will be invoiced directly for the test.

Advice from your general practitioner
If you are interested in Nutripass genetic testing, obtain advice from your doctor. The analysis is only carried if prescribed by a doctor. Gene Predictis makes the results directly available to the doctor.
Discounts on further Gene Predictis services

Discounts on further Gene Predictis services.

Further information.

Additional tests for food intolerance

We give our PRIMEO policyholders exclusive paid access to additional tests for food intolerance:


If you are interested in one of these tests or other food intolerance tests, please contact us on 058 340 48 00 and ask about possible reimbursement.

We will review your request and, in the case of a positive assessment, guarantee to cover the costs.