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Hip protectors

In the event of a fall, hip protectors can prevent a hip fracture. Thanks to our collaboration with PD Care, you can buy hip protectors at least 24% cheaper.

Hip protectors: invaluable protection against fractures

Hip protectors are designed to protect against thigh fractures. To enable clients like you to buy hip protectors at particularly reduced rates, Helsana has entered into a partnership with renowned manufacturer PD Care.

What are hip protectors?

Hip protectors consist of a pair of padded pants and two protectors that are inserted into lateral compartments in the pants to protect the thigh bone. Hip protectors function like a shield and work in much the same way as a crash helmet. In the event of a fall, the soft pads above the thigh bone cushion the impact. In many cases, this prevents a hip fracture.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • At least 24% discount on a pair of padded pants and a pair of protectors
  • Padded pants made of high-quality cotton and spandex
  • Pair of protectors made of soft foam
  • Helpline for professional advice

Easy to order:

Phone PD Care on 044 480 02 20 or order by e-mail:

Find out more:

To find out more about the products and how to order, go to:
PD Care order form (PDF, 75KB)
PD Care homepage