Discounts at partner companies

Rent and purchase electric nursing beds at affordable prices

Thanks to Helsana’s collaboration with Embru, Heimelig, Neolab and Sodimed, our clients can rent or buy quality electric nursing beds at favourable rates.

Exclusive discounts for renting or buying electric nursing beds

You can rent or buy top-quality electric nursing beds at exceptionally reasonable rates if you have a TOP or COMPLETA supplementary insurance policy from the Helsana Group. These terms are possible thanks to our collaboration with Embru-Werke, Heimelig, Neolab and Sodimed. The direct billing and settlement process between you and our partners is especially convenient.

Major benefits for you:

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

  • Payment of monthly rent charge of CHF 63 for standard electric nursing beds for a period of up to 2 years. Guaranteed no additional rent costs.
  • Direct billing and settlement with us for rented electric nursing beds
  • If you buy an electric nursing bed, you get up to maximum CHF 2,500 from us, from which 65% of the rent costs that we have paid for up to 24 months will be deducted; so buying an electric nursing bed at an early stage is well worth it.
  • Payment of CHF 250 for the delivery and assembly of rented electric nursing beds
  • Payment of CHF 280 for dismantling and returning rented electric nursing beds
  • Exclusive long-term discount of 12% to 15% for the purchase of electric nursing beds or other products from the reclining furniture range (mattresses, side tables, etc.)
  • Depending on the partner, exclusive discount of 25% on selected mattresses
  • Exclusive long-term discount of 10% to 20% for renting other products from the reclining furniture range (other beds, mattresses, side tables, etc.)

Thanks to our partnership agreements, clients who have a basic insurance policy with the Helsana Group can likewise benefit from attractive discount offers. This is applicable for the purchase of electric nursing beds or other products from the reclining furniture range (mattresses, side tables, etc.). Enquire directly with the contractual partner of your choice.

Easy to order:

If you are interested in an electric nursing bed, you can contact one of the following partners in your region direct for further information, or visit the relevant website or retail outlet.

German-speaking region French-speaking region Italian-speaking region

Tel. 055 251 12 55
Homepage Embru

Tel. 021 310 06 06
Homepage Sodimed

Tel. 091 683 03 51 (Novazzano)
Tel. 091 835 53 00 (Bellinzona)
Homepage Neolab

Tel. 071 672 70 80
Tel. 0800 58 58 58 (hotline)
Homepage Heimelig

Tel. 041 790 42 32
Homepage Sodimed

We recommend:

Rent or purchase your electric nursing bed from one of our preferred partners. You can benefit from a 12% to 15% discount if you buy an electric nursing bed and from a 10% to 20% discount if you rent other high-quality reclining furniture items.