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Determine your risk of deep-vein thrombosis

Pill Protect

Use of a contraceptive pill can significantly increase your risk of deep-vein thrombosis. Pill Protect test measures your risk of thrombosis by taking into account genetic factors, family history of the disease, age, body mass index or nicotine consumption.

The benefits of Pill Protect

Over the past few years, around 400 cases of thrombosis related to use of contraceptive pills have been reported to Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, every year.

Thrombosis is caused by the formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel; as a consequence, blood can no longer circulate freely through the circulatory system, resulting in blood vessel congestion. Thanks to the Pill Protect test, you can find out about your personal risk of suffering deep-vein thrombosis related to use of the contraceptive pill. The results of the test help you, together with your doctor, to find the suitable contraceptive pill or an alternative method of contraception.

The gene test only has to be carried out once in a lifetime. Your general practitioner just has to take a simple saliva sample.

Limits of Pill Protect

Pill Protect can only estimate the risk of thrombosis related to oral contraceptives. The test cannot exclude the occurrence of the disease, because the risk of thrombosis exists independently of any treatment and can therefore never be ruled out.

When selecting the most suitable method of contraception, the general health condition of the patient as well as any other relevant laboratory tests carried out by the doctor have to be also taken into account.

Costs covered by Helsana
Costs covered with PRIMEO supplementary insurance

If you have taken out PRIMEO supplementary insurance, Helsana will cover 90% of the costs of the Pill Protect test offered by our partner firm Gene Predictis. Supplementary insurance pays up to CHF 5,000 in total for innovative diagnostic and treatment forms per calendar year. Helsana will be invoiced directly for your test.

Costs covered without PRIMEO supplementary insurance

This laboratory test is not covered by basic insurance. For policyholders without PRIMEO supplementary insurance, Helsana has agreed a preferential price with the partner firm Gene Predictis. Customers without supplementary insurance can have the test at a 20% discount on the official price. The policyholder will be invoiced directly for the test.

Clinical studies

The clinical study was carried out on 1,600 women regularly taking an oral contraceptive. Half of these women developed a thrombosis related to the pill use.

The study shown that Pill Protect was able to identify six times more women who developed thrombosis compared to the current screening method based on a medical questionnaire.

Advice from your gynaecologists or general practitioner
If you are interested in the Pill Protect test, obtain advice from your doctor. The analysis of the saliva sample is only carried if prescribed by a doctor. Gene Predictis makes the results directly available to the doctor.
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Helsana Group policyholders benefit from a 10% discount on further laboratory services from the partner firm Gene Predictis.

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