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Test your tolerance of drugs


Medications can have undesirable side effects. They may also interact with each other if several have to be taken at the same time. The new genetic test Cypass tests the individual tolerance to a medication and also provides information on possible interactions.

Benefits of the Cypass test

The Federal Office for Public Health estimates that around 40,000 to 45,000 hospital admissions every year in Switzerland can be attributed to the undesired effects of medications.

The effect of a drug is influenced by the way in which our body will activate and degrade it (the metabolic processes or drug metabolism). The new genetic test Cypass enables these metabolic processes to be investigated as well as the genetic predisposition to use and eliminate drugs. You will find out how quickly medications are metabolised in your body. Thanks to the test results, drug interactions can be foreseen and side effects minimised. Together with your doctor you can then determine the suitable medication.

The gene test only has to be carried out once in a lifetime. Your general practitioner just has to take a simple saliva sample.

Limits of the Cypass test
Drug metabolism can also be influenced by foods (e.g. grapefruit or pineapple), drinks (e.g. coffee, tea and alcohol) as well as by environmental factors. Thus, your health condition and your diet also play a role alongside genetic factors. The test can exclude a large number of unwanted side effects of drugs, but not all.
Costs covered by Helsana
Costs covered with PRIMEO supplementary insurance

If you have taken out PRIMEO supplementary insurance and take medications regularly, Helsana will cover 90% of the costs of the Cypass tests offered by our partner firm Gene Predictis. Supplementary insurance pays up to CHF 5,000 in total for innovative diagnostic and treatment forms per calendar year. Helsana will be invoiced directly for your test.

Costs covered without PRIMEO supplementary insurance

This laboratory test is not covered by basic insurance. For policyholders without supplementary insurance Helsana has agreed a preferential price with the partner firm Gene Predictis. Customers without PRIMEO supplementary insurance can have the test at a 20% discount on the official price. The policyholder will be invoiced directly for the test.

Clinical studies
The investigated genetic factors that influence drug metabolism are clinically relevant. This has been proven extensively in scientific literature.
Advice from your general practitioner
If you are interested in the Cypass test, obtain advice from your doctor. The analysis of the saliva sample is only carried if prescribed by a doctor. Gene Predictis makes the results directly available to the doctor.
Further discounts on Gene Predictis services

Helsana Group policyholders benefit from a 10% discount on further laboratory services from the partner firm Gene Predictis.

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