Discounts at partner companies

Online pharmacies: medicines at low cost

Helsana supports online pharmacies. The medications they supply on a doctor's prescription are especially good value and are delivered conveniently to you at home.

Online pharmacies: get your medicines cheaply, conveniently and discreetly

Contractual agreements and preferential partnerships enable you, the customer, to benefit from especially good value on medicines as well as other advantages.

We have a working relationship with four well-established online pharmacies: MediService, Zur Rose, Xtrapharm and Rothaus direct. MediService, Zur Rose and Xtrapharm can offer you a comprehensive range of products, while Rothaus direct covers certain specialist medicines in particular.

Your benefits:

  • Free and discreet delivery of physician-prescribed medications to you at home
  • Exclusive discounts for persons insured with the Helsana Group
  • You don't pay any prescription or delivery charges
  • Direct invoicing of Helsana
  • Expert advice over the phone