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Privatklinik Hohenegg, Meilen am Zürichsee

Privatklinik Hohenegg Privatklinik Hohenegg is one of Switzerland's leading clinics specialising in psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine. It is at the service of adult patients who, in a period of crisis, require the very best professional advice and individual treatment that fits their personality. The clinic is available to those with private or semi-private insurance, or to persons funding themselves. It has more than 70 beds and currently employs a staff of 180.

The years of specific experience acquired by Privatklinik Hohenegg have made it a specialist centre for the treatment of depression, burnout and life crises, psychosomatic conditions including pain, anxiety and compulsive behaviour, addictions and personality disorders. Responsibility for treatment is in the hands of experienced doctors specialising in psychiatry and psychotherapy, assisted by qualified therapists and nursing professionals.

The clinic is situated above Meilen, set amid an unspoiled landscape overlooking Lake Zurich. It offers a first-class standard of accommodation in an atmosphere in which patients feel well looked after.

Privatklinik Hohenegg AG
Private Clinic For Psychatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine
Hohenegg 1
Telephone: +41 44 925 12 12