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Clinica Viarnetto, Pregassona Lugano

Clinica Viarnetto Clinica Viarnetto's history goes back to 1927, when it was founded by the doctor Giovanni Bolzani. The management of the clinic was passed on to the next generation, and remains in the hands of the founder family to this day. Originally based in Villa Viarno in Pregassona, in 1935 the clinic relocated to the new building, which had been constructed in the architectural style of the day.

Clinica Viarnetto offers over 45 individual rooms and currently employs approximately 60 staff including doctors and psychologists, nursing, administration and hotel staff.

Viarnetto is included in the cantonal hospital planning list and is a contract clinic, so it can, on the basis of medical information, take on patients with all levels of insurance cover (Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG) and Swiss Federal Insurance Contracts Act (VVG)). The clinic is certified in accordance with the ISO standard 9001:2008, and is recognised as a training provider by the Swiss Medical Association (FMH).

Viarnetto specialised in psychiatric care and psychotherapy right from the beginning, and has a long tradition in this area. Thanks to its long-standing continuity, the clinic has built up a solid basis of clinical expertise and has a flair for supplementing this with new therapeutic approaches while maintaining professional standards.

Viarnetto is a private clinic offering specific, qualified treatments for people who are experiencing a crisis, are in psychological difficulty, or are suffering from psychiatric or addictive disorders. The spacious building structure, the single rooms and the traditional décor all contribute to the homely atmosphere, and the single rooms in particular ensure that the guests' privacy is maintained.

The therapeutic programmes are personalised, and the treatments are particularly suitable for:

  • Depressive and bipolar disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Personality disorders
  • Addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Neurosis, anxiety, stress and burnout
  • Crisis situations

The care team bases its work on a biopsychosocial model, with a diagnosis procedure that also includes a psychodiagnostic assessment. The treatments provided combine pharmacological therapies, individual psychotherapy and various rehabilitation activities such as muscle therapy, art therapy and relaxation techniques, with each area being offered by the specialist staff responsible. The dining room and cafeteria meet all requirements with their high-quality and modern facilities.

Clinica Viarnetto
Via Ceresio 34B
6963 Pregassona Lugano
Phone: +41 91 971 32 21
Fax +41 91 972 87 54